Peng Lin | 林芃

Hello, 你好!

My name is Peng Lin (bryan). Welcome to my personal website. I am currently a Postdoc Associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). I received my PhD in 2017 from University of Massachusetts Amherst in United States and holds a Bachelor degree from Southeast University in China (Honors Class). My research focuses on Neuromorphic Computing. In particular, we try to use emerging nanoelectronic devices such as Memristor to form a highly parallel matrix multiplication networks and implement neural networks directly in hardware, thus is highly promising to break through the hardware bottleneck in artificial intelligence. To date, I’ve published more than 30 peer-reviewed papers.

Area of Expertise

nanoelectronic devices
heterogenously integrated systems
neuromorphic and analog computing

Hi,我是林芃,欢迎来到我的网站。目前我在麻省理工学院做博士后研究。我2006年本科毕业于东南大学强化班, 2017年博士毕业于麻省大学阿莫斯特分校。我的研究方向为神经神态计算。这是一种全新的计算架构,通过使用新型的纳米电子器件,例如忆阻器,来构造大规模的并行矩阵计算网络。这种高效的计算方式可以大幅度的提高计算速度和效率,并有望直接实现硬件神经网络。近年来我在Nature Electronics, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Machine Intelligence, Nature Materials, Advanced Materials等世界知名期刊发表论文30余篇(其中以第一作者及共同第一作者在Nature系列子刊发表文章3篇),引用超过2000余次。


纳米电子器件 nanoelectronic devices
微纳制造 micro/nanofabrication
异构集成电路设计 heterogenously integrated circuits
神经神态计算 neuromorphic computing

3D neuromorphic circuits

Reprint from my post at Nature Device and Materials Engineering Community Site: 3D neuromorphic circuits Link to the paper: “Three-dimensional memristor circuits as complex neural networks” i...